The Gates of Heaven welcomes you!

Room Owned by ~AmB~

Moderated by :
~Lady Siren~

Please take the time to read over our rules and guidelines before entering

- Absolutely NO DRAMA! Keep it out of the room or you will be booted.
- Respect all chatter at all times, failure to do so will get you booted from the room.
- Please say hello upon entering and a goodbye when leaving the room.
- No lurking or ghosting. It's a chatroom, the whole point is to chat.
- No anonymous names, letters, or dots.
- No PM without permission. Always ask first and if someone says no please respect that.
- No animated av's (house tags are fine), scat, beastiality, or child porn.
- Av's should be no larger than 500 in height, unless cleared with one of the mods.
- Tasteful nudity is fine but no images or av's below the belt.
- Members of the Gates of Heaven should ALWAYS wear their house tags while in the room.
- You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
- Contact AmB or Siren via pm if you are having a problem. One of them will be happy to help.

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GoH is a relaxed BDSM room, Y/you must be 18+ to enter...

Please look over the entrance options and choose the correct one.

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The Gates of Heaven
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