Planet Troi Council

Elder God:
Father of Troi

Elder God:
(Currently Open )

Grand Vizier of Troi

Greater God:
Scott "Scotty Sama"
Wrath of Troi

Lesser God:
Messenger of Troi

Lesser God:
(Currently Open )
Messenger of Troi

Greater God:
Primary Enforcer of Troi

Greater God(dess):
(Currently Open )
Secondary Enforcer of Troi

The planet was originally a farming and industrial colony named Terra Firma, but when the Earth was mysteriously destroyed, it was re-named Planet Troi.

The name comes from the ruling family of the Troi Dynasty, whom were in charge of the planet at the time, and still rule to this day.

Planet Troi is a place of great beauty and mystery, and it resembles Earth in many ways.

The planet has several points of interest, which includes both Medieval and Modern styles. Maps of the planet are available upon request.

The ruling and dominant power on Planet Troi is the Royal Family, which should be respected at all times. upon arrival on Troi, you will see or enter a beautiful and large city named Mega Detroit. On the outter part of the city, a HUGE palace may be viewed by all, which appears on the outside like a chinese palace. Please make use of the PULLDOWNS, as it will help Role Playing move along smoother, as well as allowing other role-players to know your general location. The Elder Gods should be feared and respected, and if they are not, you may find yourself in a hell that is beyond any hell. The Elder Gods watch over the planet and do not generally get involved, as they are fair, yet strict however.

The planet has several sections or areas, which may or may not be of interest, and each has its own qualities that are good and bad. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to call upon Robocop, Robocable, or The Judges, as they are part of the law enforcement of the planet.

The Areas or Sections of the planet are : Darkside, Civilized, Area 3, and the Darklands. Each of these have their own bad or good points, and are known to have many surprises, such as Volcanic mountain ranges and enchanted forests. Planet Troi also has a vast ocean, which spans unknown distances across the planet, and is known to have several small islands within it. Be fore-warned, some sections of the planet are so dangerous, that even the royal family stays away from them.

Please enjoy your stay upon Planet Troi, and try to have FUN !

Role Playing is all about meeting new people and having fun. If you have any questions feel free to contact Brandon or a Council member, thank you very much, and take time to visit the message board !

Rules & Guidelines

  • NOTE : All DRC Rules apply and will be enforced! There is no excuses!

  • Planet Troi is a Limited Kill, No Force Feeding, No Force Collar zone.

  • All roleplayers are to be respected, this can not be negotiated. If asked to stop and you do not a Mod shall be called and you will be removed.

  • The Troi family is to be respected at all times. No member of the Troi family can be attacked unless prior permission has been given, or approval. Offensive actions towards the Troi family may be ignored as if they did not happen.

  • {VD} You are more then welcome to roleplay within Planet Troi. You are however limited as to the destruction of places, your power shall be limited and if any one feels you are over doing anything they can ignore you, and your actions will be considered null and void.

  • Rape is strictly forbidden, bottom line. Slavery is also strictly forbidden.

  • Avatars can not exceed 500 x 350 If at any time you are asked by a Mod or a council member to remove or resize your avatar do so or a Mod will be called and you will be removed.

  • Coming into troi you are expected to rp. It is a rp room of course. If you come in to watch,please use the observer symbol ~O~. Keep ooc to a minimal, and do not sit there and just pm all the time. If you are in there IC, then you are expected to post some, not sit there and pm the whole time. If you are pming because of intimate issues, that is fine. But if you are not doing that in pm, then rp some.

  • If you wish for detailed descriptions of the Areas or Sections of Troi please do not hesitate to ask the Room Owner : Brandon for them, thank you.

  • Also PLEASE FOLLOW THE PLANET TROI TIME ZONE! it is in central standard time (CST), thank you.


  • I will also point out that while it is not an official rule yet, but will be soon all gundam rp must be approved by the room owner please, thank you and any attempt otherwise would be breaking the rules and you may be asked to leave.

    Rules & Guidelines for Combat

  • Any spar which will result in the final death of a character must have a council member present, the council member will act as the judge for the fight.

  • For a spar which will result with the final death of a character both combatants must agree.

  • Leaving during a fight and failing to return within 5 minutes will be considered a loss. If this was a death spar your character shall be considered dead on Planet Troi, bringing that character to Planet Troi will result in the calling of a Mod and you shall be removed. If you can give a good reason as to why you left and are able to give a time at which you may continue the fight, you will be free from this ruleing.

  • All spars within Planet Troi go on 5 actions. Each round, each character is given 5 actions which they may divide how they see fit.

  • Judges have final say on all posts, that's the bottom line rule.

  • Force posting is strictly forbidden. You will be given one chance to repost, a failure to do so will be considered a loss.

  • A dead character is a dead character, if you character has died please don't RP them. Because we can't honestly keep track if your character has ever died, we won't try to. However if your character is killed within Planet Troi and you are found playing that character within Planet Troi, a Mod shall be called and you will be removed from the room.


    As per history of planet troi dictates, there shall be no mobile suits or gundams stronger than that of the AI gundams originally designed and built by the creator of troi and his son, thank you, if you attempt to over ride this you may be asked to leave.

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