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You walk upon the foot steps and peer through the tall doors that open...

In Her celestial form, the Fallen Angel appears brightly colored in hazy fumes of midnight wings. They are still Angels but of the darkness that now patrol between heaven and Earth. Protective of life and death. Redemption Seekers and still believe to preside over demons who wish to overthrow the world. I Am still an Angel, a fallen one yes. I chose this thrall matter body over spirit, though I still retain all Angelic visage forms. Our true Creator is on Our side. He's watching all the time the evil purge upon loving tenderness and dividing cruelty from humanity, this dreadful reality.

I Am the Empress of the Royal House of BloodRayven and of the Dark DeMasque coven home Mansion. We are here to fight the fire with fire with a dark cleansing. Thus call upon All Creatures of the night and of the fallen skies. So now take My hand leave the world of agony behind and together We shall reconcile to find the stairways for Our own heaven-like tranquility.

A Dark Mansion of the Royal House family of BloodRayven of the Dark DeMasque Coven and it's related extended family Members of
De LionCourt, De Tepes.
The Ruler Sire/Owner of DMM is
Empress Jenia Briskela BloodRayven.

Please enjoy Your stay and follow Our Rules and StarlightChat as well.
This is a world of Darkness Coven Home-Free Form style of Role-Play,
light-bdsm,D/s and A/all Creatures of the Night,Vampyre VTM/WhiteWolf,Fallen Angel,WereWolf,shapeshifters.NO Fairies sorry. You may come in to just observe or hang out to visit with friends. Must Respond to a Moderator/members-greetings, No idling or none-response will land you a boot out of the room.
World of Darkness av's welcomed and Semi-nude. NO Genital Av's allowed or FullNude av's. Please use tasteful Av's.

Kill Zone-Approved by Permission from Empress Jenia BloodRayven-Dark DeMasque Council Coven Members ONLY!.
NO GODMODDING or Drama will be tolerated
No single digit or dots or initial names,please use a proper name and do not use invisibleman or Marvel-comic Characters universe. This is not a home/room for this.

Must be 21 years and over, No Under age=(roleplay/pic or names allowed).
..More information coming soon....

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