DollHouse is a club for lesbian and bi-women to meet and relax as men do at their gentlemen's clubs. So, NO MEN allowed in the club including TRANS, if you want to be a woman so badly just go and become a woman.

Open scening and nudity are permitted and even encouraged, just let your hair down and have some girl on girl fun. For those who are new to the lesbian scene just watch and listen to what is going on. If you have questions just ask a Mod or someone not in the scene, remember W/we were all new to this once.

DRAMA will not be tolerated, take that to another room, if you do not you will be asked to leave or be booted from the room. All the rules of Starlight Chat will be enforced, so take the time to read them. If you have an idea on how W/we can improve DollHouse please give them to a Mod.

This room has a BDSM tendancy with many of the girls being owned by the Dommes who call this their home. Please respect their choice to be submissive, it was a decision they made. If you have questions about this type of relationship please approach a Domme to ask your question. Being respectful means no PM's without asking first, This relates not only to the Dommes, but also their subs.

These rules exsist so you have a pleasant experience during your visit with U/us and W/we hope you return often.



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