Erotic Chat Room

Be sure to read the room rules before entering

"The worse thing you can ever do to yourself is to be ashamed of being you just because of what other people will think...that's a suicide to your existence." - Blaze Olermiday


Anyone under the age of 18 is forbidden from enter. You must be 18 or older to enter as this is a adult themed chat room.

No Anonymous Names, Initial Names or Underage names will be acceptable. This includes dots, single/double letters, numbers or symbols such as $@^*. You will be asked to change and will be removed from the room if you do not comply. Anonymous names such as "anonymous, anon, guest, curious, newbie" are forbidden. Choose a proper name or your access to the room will be removed for spamming.

All subs are to honor their collar in this room. Any sub who is collared and is caught sneaking around with another without prior permission from their Owner will be removed and banned from this room. This room is built on respect. If you are free to join another that is one thing but if not you will show respect to that here!

No impersonating/imping, using another chatter’s name/avatar.

No multiple names or gender changing will be allowed. If caught doing so you will be no longer welcome here. - This rule is simple everyone, So choose a name and stick to it so that we all maybe able to get to know you. Other wise get the fuck out.

No use of Proxy Server IP addresses allowed. If caught you will be removed immediately. No Excuses.

Posting of images containing child porn, bestiality, scat, or what otherwise maybe considered illegal is not allowed and will get you booted and banned from the room and site. Authorities will be notified!

 Discussions/roleplay of underage play will not be allowed. If caught your access will be removed, information will be sent to the site owner in which you will be banned, and Authorities will be notitifed.

 No Animated, Or anything displaying dicks, and no bigger than 400 in height Avatars allowed

No off site room tags or Advertising allowed - Anything that is on this site (Starlight Chat or Chat Resort) will be allowed. Anything off site we ask you to remove your tags out of respect of us and the site and please don't advertise.

   Public or Private Harassment of people is unacceptable, Violators will be removed from the room and banned.

   Everyone has the right to refuse, and the right to choose their limits please respect that

   Transgenders, transexual, while welcomed here, you must provide a tag display that you are, such as TS/ts, TG/tg or CD/cd or you will be removed from the room. No playing games as this room is drama free. Be respectful to everyone by displaying a tag. As well must be covered up, no Dick Picks!

All chatters must enter Username and Password

If you are not a member then enter anything for your login and password at the prompt.