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When the staff greets you, greet them back or it will result in booting.
No pms you must ask for permission openly
No nudes or child porn.
Avatars 400 in height
No open cyber please keep it in pm
No means No
No Anonymous, Numbers, Dot names, Etc. You must have a chat name
Any disrespect toward the staff or any other chatters will result in a boot
Troublemakers are not allowed here. You have been warned.
This is an Adult Chatroom. You must be 18 or over to enter
All rules of Starlightchat site apply. Thank You and enjoy your stay at Starlight Saloon.
The email is:starlightsaloon@mail.com

All chatters must enter Username and Password
If you are not a member, then enter anything for your login and password at the prompt

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