Soul's Treasure is based on BDSM lifestyle....A place where E/everyone meets...R/residents gather...old F/friends and new F/friends enjoy each O/other's C/company....Soul's Treasure is drama free..,a safe haven for A/any in the BDSM lifestyle or that wish to learn....The one thing required is respect....Respect is a must.....Please come in for a chat so W/we can get to know Y/you.....W/we look forward to meeting Y/you.

Room Rules

  • 1. O/our number ONE rule is RESPECT...Y/you will be removed from the Island whether Y/you are Dominate or submissive... if Y/you do not know the meaning of the word respect W/we suggest Y/you google it...this is one rule that is set in stone!!

  • 2.Please keep all drama OUT of Soul's Treasure...if Y/you have an issue take it somewhere else...drama will NOT be tolerated!...only one warning will be handed out.
  • 3.Soul Keeper and His Mods decide on what happens in Soul's Treasure..They make the decisions and there is no agruing permitted. Their word is LAW!

  • 4.Please ask to PM in public before doing so....No means No.....a submissive has that right!

  • 5.Names will be used in this room,dots, anonymous or anything of the like will not be accepted. You will be asked to pick a name or leave. If you do not comply you will be booted. 

  • 6.There is no public sexual scening allowed ...please take it to PM or to a another room.

  • 7.No Lurking is tolerated....Y/you are required to greet and speak in the room.

  • 8.This is not an image room though we do welcome tasteful pictures...there will be no beastality, children, scat which will cause an immediate boot with no warning

  • 9.AV's are welcome.... W/we ask they be in good taste and not explict in nudity...they should be no more than 400 pixels high.

  • 10. No O/one under 18 years of age allowed.

  • 11.W/we adhere to Safe, Sane, Consensual rules and A/all will abide by them as well!

  • 12.All Starlight Chat rules are in effect! please read site rules.....


    Please come in ,obey the rules of O/our Home and enjoy Y/your stay!


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