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Room Rules

  • No Drama - This means arguing in public or anything else that may disrupt the room. (Take it to private)
  • If someone tells you no, that is what they mean....NO!!!
  • Do not harass chatters
  • No Ghosting
  • No Java or Javascript
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed. 18 or over only!
  • Names that are of dots, dashes, or under age names will not be acceptable. This includes dots, single letters, numbers or symbols such as $@^*. You will be asked to change and will be removed from the room if you do not comply.Anonymous names such as "anonymous, anon, guest, curious, newbie, peeking," are forbidden. Choose a proper name!
  • While we do encourage open scenes in the room please do remember this is not a room of just cyber sex. This chat room is not a private lounging room either . We chose to leave the privately whispers in to allow ones to be able to speak privately with in limits. If your wanting alone time with your partner please take it elsewhere.
  • No dueling or gender changing allowed. If caught doing so you will be no longer welcome here.


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