Room Founders: Wraith, tyme, Smooth Edge, ‡ dark muse ‡, oncebitten2xshi & Neptune

Respect is a major component of BDSM and as such is the foundation for all activities in the Edge.
The Edge is a relaxed social BDSM room (much like a RT munch might be) and E/everyone is encouraged and welcome to visit.
In addition to this one Edge guideline, site wide rules are followed
and can be revisited here Starlight Chat Rules.

E/everyone is free to speak upon entering and to leave when T/they desire without requesting permission.
W/we ask that common courtesy be in force if Y/you enter and a scene is in progress.
Conversations should be limited to T/those not involved in the scene.

In the event a collaring ceremony is in progress, behave as Y/you would when attending any formal occasion.
Keep conversations private (whispered/PM) until open festivities begin.

The beauty of not only BDSM but open chat forums such as the Edge is the opportunity to enjoy many different lifestyles,
levels of experience, diverse personalities in a safe environment.
Please open Y/your minds when Y/you open the door and enter The Edge.

Most importantly relax and enjoy!

   The Edge Discussions are Back  
Discussions will be moderated by Wraith, Smooth Edge & tyme
(if Y/you are interested in being a guest Discussion moderator please email U/us at with your ideas.)
Discussions will be held, when possible, on the 3rd Saturday of each month @ 10pm Eastern time.

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