Welcome to ~Victoria’s~ Château of Seduction

Seduction is a synonym for the act of charming someone by an appeal to the cerebral senses,
often with the goal of reducing unfounded fears and leading to the growth and personal long-term impact of the individual

This Château is intended to be a relaxed, seductive, dynamic environment where Dominance and submission (a form of BDSM)
can be taught, acquired, experienced and shared in a safe, sane and consensual place

Dominance is having influence over another and guiding them to explore and "feel" their submissive nature

Submission is the yielding of their personal power, their "gift", which must be earned and never just taken

The Dominance and submission (D/s) experience in this Château should not be confused with other forms of BDSM:

BD - Bondage and Discipline
SM - Sado Masochism

D/s is first and foremost an energy dynamic that flows between two people and is why
the four pillars of a D/s relationship are trust, respect, communication, and honesty

D/s is generally distinguished from BD and SM because it is more about influence and power than about physical sensation

It is based more on the intense cerebral connection –
the mind play, the feelings it conjures up including words, reprimands, and tone

These feelings effect the mind, heart, full body, anticipation, fear, vulnerability, desire, and love

When love is expressed with your partner, D/s becomes like this private, special journey
that enables you to explore yourself and each other in intimate, breathtaking, never-ending ways

Sex is obviously a part of D/s but is more like an extension of that journey, a vehicle if you will,
that allows you to excavate, ask, dare, receive, give and explore things about yourself that you never knew existed



This environment does have special conditions that apply when entering this Château:

Act responsibly - Respect your fellow chatters and leave the drama outside

Everyone 18 years old and over is welcome

An identifiable, proper name AVATAR MUST BE WORN when entering - NO anonymous, lines, dots, dashes etc will be allowed
and a WARNING will be given for NO AVATAR. The guest will be booted if the request is ignored.

Avatars are to be no more than 400 pixels in height

This is NOT an image room but classy nudity in avatars is allowed but blatant nudity will be asked to be changed -
the intent of the room is for normal chat, discussion, discovery and sharing experiences

Scenes in public NEVER ALLOWED -
Open sexual scenes, pleasuring and disciplinary scenes of a sexual nature

Scenes in public ALLOWED -
submissive serving a Dominant in a non-sexual way i.e. kneeling, kissing, providing services like fetching beverages

If you PM without permission, please do so with respect

Everyone has the right to refuse - NO means exactly that – NO

Everyone is encouraged to speak up and share your opinions and experiences - It is a great way to learn

Child porn, bestiality, water sport and scat pictures WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. The I.P. address of any person found posting
child porn or bestiality pictures will be reported to their Internal Service Provider and proper law enforcement authorities


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