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Please provide your current home address. This is a requirement. We never mail out anything. This is for our security purposes.
Provide a login name of your choosing. Please keep in mind this must be lowercase and one word. This will be used as your webspace login as well.
Your Chat Name you would like reserved. You may include html coding so that everything is saved properly.
Your password must be at least 5 characters long or longer.
Please be sure to check the box of which membership you wish to purchase.
If purchasing a room please check which room room membership plan you wish to purchase.
If you are purchasing a room membership plan please provide the room name.
Please provide which section you wish for your room to be placed in.
If you are purchasing the $50.00 room membership plan please provide the sub room name. As well if you are purchasing the Extra Sub-Room fee option please provide information.
If you wish to have a password for your sub-room please provide the password of your choice.
If you are choosing a Extra Boots option this is a one time fee as long as the person remains at least a $10.00 membership plan. Sub rooms are yearly just as long as the room remains.
If you feel there is any other information that is required lease provide that here.

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