private chat rooms opened up

Posted by on at 8:28 am

By request we opened up three private chat rooms on the site. Those can be located under the Erotic chat section of the site.

The rooms this will however will be opened up to the public and not just members only. The way the chat rooms work is.

  • Private Passions – chat room will only support Two chat users at one time.
  • The Cove – chat room will only support Four chat users at one time.
  • The Rendezvous – chat room will only support Two chat users at one time.

Now again these are public private chat rooms. If the limit is in use you will not be able to enter.

If you are interested in a more private off the users online page setup then you will need to become a member and use our NEW private chat room creator. What this will do is allow you to create one chat room using your login information. This chat room can support up to ten chat users at once and as well can be password protected.  Once a room is created anyone may enter even non-paid members.

You will need to however be either a Room Owner or a Member who purchased the $30.00 package.

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