Room Rules....

  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed. 18 or over only!
  • Avatars should be no bigger then 400 in height.
  • Public or Private Harassment of people is unacceptable, Violators will be removed from the room and banned.
  • You must ask permission to PM. No unwanted PM's allowed.
  • Everyone has the right to refuse, and the right to choose their limits please respect that.
  • No Ghosting
  • No Java or Javascript
  • Names that are of dots, dashes, or under age names will not be acceptable.This includes dots, single letters, numbers or symbols such as $@^*. You will be asked to change and will be removed from the room if you do not comply.Anonymous names such as "anonymous, anon, guest, curious, newbie, peeking," are forbidden. Choose a proper name!
  • Remove all room tags from other sites or rooms. Show this room the respect it deserves and don't advertise
  • No dueling as several other chat names. If you get caught doing so we will send a request in for the Owner of the site to ban you from the room.
  • All subs are to honor their collar in this room. Any sub who is collared and is caught sneaking around with another without prior permission from their Owner will be removed and banned from this room. This room is built on respect. If you are free to join another that is one thing but if not you will show respect to that here!
  • Quick or Forced collars will Not be knowledged here.

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