Chris's Place  Yeee Haaaa!!



If someone Passes Out with their shoes on, They're fair Game

Shaving cream, magic markers, and a camera will be used in your humiliation.

Replace the Beer in the Fridge

If you come over and drink a beer, the next time you come over bring a six pack for the house.

If You Don't Live Here Don't Change the Music

It's our sterero, not yours.

Don't Bring Shady Friends to the House

Just because we think you're cool, dosen't necessarily mean we thing your friends are.

The Couch is an Alternative to Drunk Drivin'

By all means, if you've drank too much at our house and you're driving, crash on the couch.

Don't Abuse the Couch Privileges

Just because your crashed here once and it was cool doesn't mean you can take advantage of it.

Don't Use All the T.P.

If you really have to go do your business in our outhouse, make sure there's some shit-tickets left over for us, and please open a window or something....

This Room is not a BDSM, GOR or, Role-Play Room

So that means wear a AV with clothes, and no Cyber Sex in here!

King of the Castle

Chris is King of the Castle here. If he tells ya to do something ya better DAMN WELL DO IT.




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