Organgized Crime Roleplay Chat Room

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You've heard about this place. The rumors, the stories, the fables; this a legend. 

As you pull your car to one side, the valet opens your door stepping from your car, onto the red carpet, your eyes fleet from reveller to reveller, the voice of a young girl echoes across the darkened night "I can't believe we're here," turning your head to the left, you see a young couple, embraced in passion. 

Nervously, you stumble up the doorway until your eyes come to focus upon it; stepping backwards in awe, you pause before stepping forth. "No" as you feel a large hand press you back, you look upwards into the darkened, almost onyx eyes of a large doorman "Private Party ". 

Turning on your heels to leave, almost happy, you hear an enigmatic voice calling you he speaks in a thick Italian accent " Hey Paisan " turning you see a young, fresh faced man, dressed entirely in black. As he smiles to you, a smile, sinister yet captivating, he claps a hand to your back. 

As he forces you forward, you walk, too afraid at this juncture to decline his gesture. If the rumors are true, the people behind this place are not those you wish to upset. 

Walking through the great doors you are hit by the sight of a beautiful ivory columns and white tablecloths. Turning to face the young man, you look nervously. Feeling his grip tighten upon your shoulder, he simply grins at you before peaking his sunglasses.

Welcome to Club Godfather's

Godfather's built in 1901 here in the city of New York, said to have a back room where it's like a Vegas casino. Godfather's is a Mafia style role-playing chat room It is owned and managed by: Don Vincent Corleone of the Corleone Family. He controls Godfather's and all who work within.

This room is not actually a "room" but entire section of citys, this is not a room where you give or get a mass greeting. Each Pull Down indicates a location within that city and in order to interact you're going to have to get your character to a part of the city where others are. Upon entry you are considered to be in Club Godfather's. In order to interact you need to actively motivate your character down a street to a location where others are "playing". Finding a clever way to involve yourself with the scene is part of the fun and the others will expect you to try.

Due to the style of play during chronicles, your character will not be allowed to participate in the main story line unless he is a registered player in the Godfather's arena. There are permanent and semi-permanent roles available if you find you have interest and would like to participate. You would simply need to submit a character sheet. Of course, due to the limited levels of Godfather's interaction with creatures and species not recognized by the individual room will be prohibited without express permission of the Story Teller.

This room is based on Mario Puzo's best-selling novel The Godfather ® and the three movies that followed the book. As well as the books by Mark Winegardner, author of the novel The Godfather Returns and The Godfather's Revenge His Godfather novels continue the story of the Corleone family depicted in Mario Puzo's The Godfather. The Books and movies are only a guideline for this room. We have changed parts of the story to allow our players "Free Will" in their role-playing. This non-commercial, unofficial chatsite was the first to pay tribute to Paramount Picture's best trilogy:


 This is NOT a Erotic, BDSM, D&D, WW, Gor, or VtM room. 

 Disciplines or Magick Powers of any kind will not work here nor will they be recognized. 

And there are NO slaves here.


1) You will keep all your posts to PM and not disturb the room in any way.

2) You will refrain from *any* posts at all if your private messages are not welcomed.

3) Any action or post you make in public will remain unacknowledged, unacted upon and generally ignored.

4) If you do wish to join in the roleplay you will take a name.

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