The Red, White & Blue

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The Red, White & Blue

There are many things around the world,
You don’t think of right away.
Little things that may seem obscure,
Or flash to mind, and then don’t stay.

But there’s something that’s very plain to see,
Ingrained in people’s minds.
Automatically it paints your dreams,
With thoughts of all different kinds.

When you think of the United States,
You think red, white and blue.
When you think of patriotism,
Everyone knows what to do.

When you want to come together,
You display our nation’s flag.
Every citizen in every state,
Won’t let our colors sag.

When you think of spirit and of pride,
You think simply, USA.
When you think of simple freedom,
America’s there to save the day.

When you think of red, white and blue,
You think, America’s pride.
You think of all the men and women,
Who, for their country, have died.

Most of all, when you think,
Of the colors red, white and blue.
You think of a great people,
Who in strife, know what to do.

They will come together,
Like no one else has done,
And in the end, the red, white and blue,
Will forever and always have won.

By Michael LeBlanc
September 18, 2001

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