Tragedy Remembered

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Tragedy Remembered

Ten years ago now, a tragedy struck,
Four planes, in an instant, were lost.
America’s heart was struck with a knife,
And our lives were changed, at great cost.

Although it was a day of loss and grief,
Heroes responded to the alarm.
Emergency workers running inside to help,
And Flight 93 saved the District from harm.

But America is strong, we will not give up,
When madmen decide to cause pain.
We stand up and shout, letting fury call out,
America’s vengeance will finally reign.

With their leader now gone, a message so strong,
Justice finally saw evil’s doomsday.
But let’s remember with pride, the soldiers who died,
In preserving the American Way.

We should never forget, that day in the East,
When terror struck a great blow.
The sacrifice made by all who were lost,
And the ones left behind in terror’s glow.

Written September 11, 2011
By Michael LeBlanc

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