Two Towers

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Two Towers

There once were two towers,
Standing tall and proud.
Stretching towards the heavens,
Each morning in God’s sunlit shroud.

The height of Big Apple’s business,
New York’s hustle and flow.
The heart of financial gains,
And just as many market lows.

Then came a fateful day,
When the New York skyline fell.
Horror, in the form of planes,
Smoke and fire turned Towers into Hell.

But as the Towers finally fell,
There were stories of courage,
There were stories of strength,
There were stories of inner light,
As life left bodies’ length.
At their darkest hour,
People knew true love,
They called to those they knew,
And the One Who Reigns Above.

Terror may have taken,
Steel towers from our skies,
And people that we love so dear,
From our very lives.
But we move on, because we must,
And we must never fail,
To let terror know across the land,
That always, always, in America,
United We Stand!

By: Michael LeBlanc
September 11, 2006

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