United We Stand

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United We Stand

We the people, just seven year ago,
Were dealt not one, but four mighty blows.
A city in turmoil, a nation in fear,
Taking our security, and treasuring it dear.

But the ones who struck, the ones who sought terror,
Learned a little something, and learned their big error.
For we as a nation, didn’t take the easy road,
Instead, we began the American code.

United we came, on each city block,
Bonding together, and beginning to talk.
Give in to fear, we certainly wouldn’t do,
A love of our country is stuck to us, like glue.

United we fell, when four planes were lost,
Extremists struck a blow, and what a mighty cost.
But America is great, its strength knows no bounds.
As one we rose up, and made a mighty sound.

United we fight, until none are remaining,
And evil and injustice are removed from earth’s painting.
We will cry freedom, at the top of our lungs,
We will cry peace, until at last, it is done.

United we stand, and proud forevermore,
United we stand, whatever’s in store.
United we stand, until justice is done,
United we stand, the red, white & blue doesn’t run!

By:  Michael LeBlanc
September 11, 2002

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