update on starlightchat changes

Posted by on at 10:42 pm

Just a quick update. March is not that far off. To anyone who is making changes on their entry pages, pulldowns, uploading avs we want to send out a quick reminder that on Feb. 10th we will be doing the backing up of everything. So please be sure to do no more changes until after the move. This is giving us time to make the changes to the files that is needed.

Quick reminder again that Dark Realms Chat (www.darkrealmschat.com) will be closing and moving to here on Starlight Chat. All rooms and sections that are currently there will be combined into one site.

During the first part of March starlight chat will be down as well do to DNS changes, and a few updates on the server. During this time we hope that you remain patient with us. We will post updates on facebook, and on twitter in order to insure everyone the progress of these changes. You can find the links to both facebook and twitter here on the site at the bottom of all pages on the site.

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