Site Rules

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Do not post personal information - yours or anyone else's within the rooms or message boards (real names, phone numbers, address, IP# ‘s, etc.)
  3. If you are a paid member no sharing of login information will be allowed. This means, login name ,password or any other information found in the members only areas. If you do your membership will be removed!
  4. Discussing or sharing images of Bestiality, incest, pedophilia, rape, kidnapping or any illegal activities, will NOT be allowed here on this site. (If caught posting you will be removed from the room immediately and banned from the site and proper Authorities will be notified.)
  5. No public or private Harassment/Threats of others or Staff on the site. This won't be tolerated and your removal from the site will happen.
  6. No underage nickname’s such as Debbie (F/15) or any other name that represents being underage will be allowed the user will be immediately booted and banned from the site
  7. No, Java scripts, VB scripts or Spamming/Flooding the rooms with HTML codes eg: page white out/snow storms, nonsense posts or pictures or any other annoyance
  8. No Impersonating/Ghosting any staff members or chatters.  (You will be booted and removed from the site if caught doing so)
  9. No changing of names/gender on the site to cause disturbance to the chat rooms. This is a no drama free site and if something starts to get out of hand then you will be removed. The only exception to this site rule is if it is in a Roleplay Based chat room only and others are aware that you are playing more than one role.
  10. Use of the message boards is free, but we reserve the right to removal of any offensive, insulting or posts with personal information other than your own.
  11. Chatters must follow the rules of each room; you will see a list of rules on each entrance page. Repeated offenses may result in permanent banning from the site. By entering the rooms you agree to follow these rules and accept the consequences for breaking them.
  12. Avatars used should be appropriate for the room you are chatting in this includes the size of the AV. Please NO dick picks
  13. This is a drama free site. If you have a issue take it to private and leave it there.
  14. Anonymous names such as "Anonymous, anon, guest, curious, peeking, dots, dashes, single/double letters, numbers or Symbols is NOT allowed here on Starlight Chat. Doing so will only get you removed or banned.
  15. Solicitation is not allowed on Starlight Chat, this includes enticing or luring chatters to other chat sites, Posting Events of other sites, images displaying room names, URL's to other sites as well.